Iam not my religion

Iam not my religion..
How many times do I say this
How many people do I say this to
And how many people have told the same..?
Let me repeat.. Iam not my religion..

Iam the soul that has endured pain
In the soul that rejoices in little things
I’m the soul that cares and loves
I’m the soul that causes no harm
Iam the places that I’ve been to
I’m the people that I have spoken to
Iam my own experiences.. Iam me

If you can only see me if I cover my hair and change for your blood..
I’m sorry..
If you can converse with me only if I am dressed like one of you..
I’m sorry..
If you can accept me only if I say your creators name..
I’m sorry..

I’m sorry only because you are so blind..
I’m sorry that your religion doesn’t talk about love and acceptance..
I’m sorry I loved one among you and still accepted every bit of him
I’m sorry I’ve been so accommodating of it all..

What Iam not sorry about is my soul, my very being.
Let me just remind you..
there are so many of you..
Under those covered masks, with a heart half as pure as mine..
But if you think they will still get to paradise.. because they wear a scarf..


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