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Iam not my religion

Iam not my religion..
How many times do I say this
How many people do I say this to
And how many people have told the same..?
Let me repeat.. Iam not my religion..

Iam the soul that has endured pain
In the soul that rejoices in little things
I’m the soul that cares and loves
I’m the soul that causes no harm
Iam the places that I’ve been to
I’m the people that I have spoken to
Iam my own experiences.. Iam me

If you can only see me if I cover my hair and change for your blood..
I’m sorry..
If you can converse with me only if I am dressed like one of you..
I’m sorry..
If you can accept me only if I say your creators name..
I’m sorry..

I’m sorry only because you are so blind..
I’m sorry that your religion doesn’t talk about love and acceptance..
I’m sorry I loved one among you and still accepted every bit of him
I’m sorry I’ve been so accommodating of it all..

What Iam not sorry about is my soul, my very being.
Let me just remind you..
there are so many of you..
Under those covered masks, with a heart half as pure as mine..
But if you think they will still get to paradise.. because they wear a scarf..



She knew she didn’t belong.. 

Day in and day out, this was all she felt from time unknown..

This was all she felt when she was a kid,

When she was at school,

When she found a job, 

When she got married,

This was all she felt.,. Until the day she packed her bag and left for an adventure unknown..

She wasn’t supposed to be confined to a cage, 

Because the world was her home… and she belonged there.. 

Searching.. exploring.. experiencing …


People saw her roar,

They saw a heartless woman in her,

They saw her slay,

She was like a hurricane struck ocean..

He came along and brought silence,

He knocked her down and shattered her,

But I guess that’s all she needed to find her calm waters…

Things I told myself on Women’s day

6.50 am: Lying on my bed, tired as ever, when my bestie sends me ‘Happy women’s day’ message. I have almost 10 minutes to report to work and here I am procrastinating.

I kick myself out of the bed and …tadaa… magically report myself at work by 7. I often wonder how i do it though.

7.20 am: I’ve exchanged few ‘Happy women’s day’ to some. Oh, this isnt a big deal anymore you know.. People around me don’t seem to celebrate women’s day.

2.00 pm: The day seems to have slipped by without a proper break..Just like many other days. Today is a Wednesday, my laundry day.

4.00 pm: Finished my laundry, had enough time to browse through all the women’s day related posts. all so inspiring and empowering with so much positivity. Why can’t I feel the same..??

4.30 pm: I promise myself I will find good things to say today.. So here it goes.

I will celebrate this day even if I’m tired- That’s because I work relentlessly with special needs children. I’m loved by them, attacked by the aggressive ones, some scream on my face as to how much they hate speech sessions and that I’m a monster but in their fairness some are nice to me but for the most part, on worst days I.. or for that matter, my colleagues handle 15 different children with special needs in a span of 8-10 hours. But I will celebrate this day because only a very few of us have the tolerance to put ourselves through it and hell yeah I am a woman.

I will celebrate this day even if nobody appreciates me- this is not the story of my life alone.. How many of us get appreciated for the work we do..? Be it at home or at work? How many of us get that well deserved yearly break? then how and why do we work like slaves? I don’t have an answer either but I will celebrate this day because I belong to a community where a woman is often not appreciated because ‘its her job anyway’.

I will celebrate this day because as a child I was taught I am no less. I was taught i could do everything a man could do because I’m not ‘just a woman‘ but I am a person first. I was told this world is not a safe place but I could learn to stay safe. I learnt all this from my grandfather who saw women as equals. I respect him for that, how I wish we had more of him in this world just so somebody as whimsical as me could outgrow their own cocoon. Along the way I learnt for myself I didn’t have to be a man to do so many things. I am a person and I am self sufficient to provide for myself, to take care of my self, travel on my own and to even leave a legacy someday.

So I will, I will, I will celebrate being a woman this day and only this day because on most days I don’t quite have the leisure to even think about myself. So here is to all women, who are working tirelessly, providing for their own, for their kids, for their parents and sometimes even for their husbands. Here’s to all the women who don’t have a minute to spare for themselves ¬†and yet making a difference in this world, leaving their mark behind. Life isn’t easy, life isn’t fair, but yes on some days you will see the silver lining.. hold on and look between those dark pages.. and for days like that, be thankful.. Our lives are in our hands and we don’t realize the magnanimity we hold within ourselves. Happy Women’s Day!!!